Dental prostheses


Fabrication and adjustment of dentures and dental prostheses

Full dental prostheses, also known as dentures, are a frequently used alternative to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or in both. In short, the upper denture rests on the gums and palate and is held in place by suction. The lower denture is held in place by the shape of the bone ridge and with the help of the mouth muscles. This type of prosthesis is removable, so it can be taken out of the mouth for maintenance and when sleeping. Dentures are made of white acrylic for the teeth and pink acrylic for the gums. A model of the teeth is first made from measurements and impressions to make the denture.

Partial dental prostheses, unlike dentures, replace one or more teeth. They consist of artificial teeth that are held in place with clasps attached to the adjacent natural teeth.

Whether you have lost some or all of your teeth due to an accident, illness, or poor dental hygiene, we will find a solution to suit your needs and budget.

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