Root canal treatment


When is a root canal treatment necessary?

Many people shudder when they hear these words. However, this procedure is actually gentler and less painful than you might think! Thanks to modern advances, this procedure is no more painful than a simple filling! It is also necessary in order to save a tooth with a pulp infection.

How does a tooth get infected? A deep cavity or crack can let in bacteria that will find their way to the dental pulp at the centre of the tooth. At this stage, root canal treatment becomes necessary, as the default course of action is to try to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible. Moreover, by keeping your tooth, you also avoid the installation of a bridge or a dental implant, which are much more expensive solutions!

Even if the tooth is devitalized as a result of the root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, it will still retain its function. If the tooth is too damaged, a post and crown may need to be installed to strengthen it.

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