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Teeth whitening is increasingly popular. Teeth whitening at the dentist does not damage the enamel and is the safest and most effective method to do it. A word of caution is in order with respect to tempting offers sometimes proposed by some aesthetic clinics or other body care providers. Not only is it illegal for these businesses to offer teeth whitening treatment, but they are also unable to know the real condition of your teeth. It is essential to first perform a dental exam and make the necessary repairs before whitening them.

Similarly, while some improvement in colour may be observed with over-the-counter whitening strips, toothpaste, or mouthwash, the effectiveness of these products is limited. Why? The amount of whitening product is very small compared to what is offered by the dentist. Also, caution should be taken with homemade recipes found on social networks. They often contain abrasive or acidic products that can attack tooth enamel.

Are you thinking about having your teeth whitened? The best thing to do is to contact us for a consultation to check your oral health before starting your dental whitening treatment. You will then be able to choose between an in-clinic treatment or a treatment you can do at home with custom trays, as instructed.

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